All tree service companies are NOT created equal. As members of the International Society of Arboriculture, and as Arborists through the Utah Community Forest Council, with thousands of hours spent in the field devoted solely to trees, we are educated, highly skilled, safe, efficient, and professional people. When you hire Peterson Tree Care, you are getting QUALITY TREE SERVICE from start to finish. Our goal is your ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION. Let us help you protect and add value to your home or business.



Derek is a proud husband and father to 4 amazing kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. He and his family live in Elk Ridge, UT. Derek is all things trees. Derek started in the tree industry in 2002 and immediately knew that this was his calling. He loves working around people, being outdoors, and tackling different challenges with every tree. He recognized that to go far in the industry you not only needed skills in the field, but you needed to be educated in the classroom as well. Derek began working on getting his International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist certification along with Certified Tree Worker and also, took a two-year course with Utah Community Forest Council. He kept continuing his education further becoming a certified Wildland Firefighter, Red Card holder, and Sawyer S12.

He has always known how important safety is as his Dad lost his life as a line-man and it has deeply impacted his attitude and respect for these dangerous lines of work. He has trimmed everywhere from city parks, to ski resorts, to high power transmission lines, to his own neighbor’s backyards.

Derek loves giving back to the community and has loved serving on the volunteer Fire Department in Elk Ridge. Before his Dad died, he used to help at the local tree lot in order to earn extra money for Christmas time. Since Derek is all things trees, he looked at his wife and his yard one day and said, ”lets start a business selling Christmas Trees.” Their family and friends have been helping them ever since as they have grown to selling hundreds of fresh cut Utah trees right out of their own backyard.

When Derek isn’t working, he enjoys time with his family, especially when they can escape to the mountains with a fishing pole in hand, snowboard on his feet, ready to hunt, or even on his dirt bike.

Derek is always looking for ways to improve the tree industry and even invented a carabiner tool that has become a staple product for him, and fellow arborists called the Transporter which is made by Rock Exotica. He didn’t like how the available carabiners used to hold chain saws and took it upon himself to make something better and safer. His family is so proud of him.

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